OxFarmtoFork is a short food supply chain initiative set up by Good Food Oxfordshire.




Bringing sustainable local food to the heart of Oxford 

OxFarmToFork enables Oxfordshire's institutions to buy directly from local agro-ecological food producers.  

Join the movement 

A growing number of Oxford University colleges are embracing our platform; to connect with some of Oxfordshire’s best producers, and to procure local, sustainable produce. Our vision extends to all institutions, including schools, hospitals and beyond, therefore we are building scale and capacity to ensure that it is accessible and affordable.  

Why it matters 

  • 49% of farmers fear going out of business in the next year, 75% of whom cite supermarket pressure as the main factor 

  • 40% of farms earn less than £25,000 annually 

  • An estimated 25% of farmers live below the poverty line 

  • 61% of farmers said unfairness in the supply chain was negatively affecting their mental health. 

Source: Sustain 2022 

The advantage of OxFarmToFork 

Better returns for producers 

  1. With OxFarmToFork, producers earn a better share of the pie. Short supply chains mean higher returns for those who nurture our land. 

Better food systems 

  1. UK vegetable production is dwindling, with growing reliance on imports from climate-vulnerable regions.  By choosing local, we're safeguarding our food security and resilience. 

More money reinvested in local economy 

  1. Every pound spent on local produce yields £2.50 in social, economic, and environmental value. That's money circulating in our communities, driving prosperity and sustainability. 

Better on biodiversity, emissions and food waste 

  1. By supporting agroecological farming practices, we're nurturing the soil, promoting biodiversity, and reducing food waste and emissions. 

Listen to our champions 

 “There's been a gulf between growers and institutions, [OxFarmToFork] has made a huge step forward by brokering these relationships, which I never have done on my own” Harrison Fannon, market gardener from Worthy Earth 

“The produce is so fresh and last so much longer than veg from our other supplier” Sean, Head chef at Queen’s college, Oxford

Ready to Make a Difference? 

Ready to join the OxFarmtoFork movement? Whether you're a producer looking to connect with new markets or an institution seeking a sustainable, ethical supply, get in touch.  

Contact us on oxfarmtofork@gfo.org


How it works

We want to ensure the process is straight-forward,transparent and user friendly, for both buyers and suppliers. Have a look at how it works here.

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Our producers

The producers all share the same values; to offer the best quality produce, using regenerative, sustainable and organic principles.  We are always looking for more producers, so get involved!

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Our buyers

A growing range of University of Oxford colleges are buying produce through this initiative.

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