We have a whole host of cooking resources, from tips and recipe toolkits, to attending and hosting your own cooking class!


Cooking Tips

The Good Food Cooking Toolkit is a concise guide to creative cooking without recipes. It can help you create tasty dishes with any ingredients that you have available.

The idea behind cooking with the Good Food Cooking Toolkit is simple: Chop up any vegetables you have around – whether from a food parcel or community fridge, the garden or allotment, a veg box or farmers’ market, or simply what’s left at the back or your fridge – choose a cooking method, spice it up with a few seasonings from different flavour categories, pick a tasty topping and a side dish to make it a meal and enjoy.

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Attend a Cooking Class

Are you keen to build your confidence and skills around cooking?

Looking for support to cook on a budget and reduce food waste by using surplus food from foodbanks, larders and fridges?

If so, then get in touch and we can signpost you to a cooking class near you. Find out more below.

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Run a Cooking Class

If you are looking for guidance for organising and teaching your own community cookery classes, take a look at our Good Food Cooking Skills Handbook and the accompanying resources.

We love cooking and sharing our love of cooking with others, so we created the Good Food Cooking Framework as a comprehensive guide, bringing together everything you need in one place – consistent messages for healthy, affordable and sustainable cooking. It includes learning theory and top tips from fellow experts on how to run high quality and successful cooking sessions.

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