Meet the Team

We at Good Food Oxfordshire have a fantastic team of talented individuals, some regular staff members, volunteers, consultants, and more.

Good Food Oxford team member image - Fiona Steel

Fiona Steel

GFO Manager

Good Food Oxford team member image - Hannah Fenton

Hannah Fenton

GFO Development Manager

Good Food Oxford team member image - Rachel Edwards

Rachel Edwards


Good Food Oxford team member image - Jessica Kopp

Jessica Kopp

Network and Communications Lead

In addition Good Food Oxford’s regular staff members, we have been supported by many different people over the years. We would like to thank the following for their fantastic contributions, both past and present, to Oxford’s food system.

Past Members of Staff

Hannah Jacobs (founding Co-ordinator), Seb Mayfield (Network & Projects Coordinator), Chloe Horner (Engagement Facilitator), Nina Osswald (Network & Projects Coordinator), Rachel Groves (Fundraising & Stakeholder Development Lead)


Emma Roebuck, Philippa Hoy, Doireann Lalor, Niko O’Brien, Frances Hansford, Vic Simms, Victoria Johnson, Jade Neville


Emma Burnett, Katie March, Madeleine Sutton, Ellen Hendry, Bella Driessen, Julia Johnstone, Matipa Mukondiwa, Riley Agutter, Emma Wells, Rachel Friedman, Rosie Eccleston, Aaron Hanson, Laura Green


Nina Osswald, Louise Long (Louise Long Photography), Pia Seekings, Sian Allen, Emily Earnshaw, Joanna Freeman, Jen Crawley, Sebastian Iorga, Phil Gray, Joe McCrohon, Jessica Halliwell, Naomi Flagg, Martha Wiltshire, Alison Baxter, Alison Hill, Sam Clarke Warry, Annabelle Hall, Leila Friar, Maggie Westby, Laura Green


Bart Ashton (Chair)

Olivier Eymery (Treasurer)

Stuart Newstead (Company Secretary)

Damon Boughen

Nicky Stanek

Susan Thomas

Madeleine Bastawrous

Steering Group

The Steering Group includes representatives from key sectors of Oxford’s food system and has the remit of providing leadership for the development of the network. Current membership:

Dot Tiwari (Abundance Oxford)

Janie Bickersteth

Tom Garrood (Zero Carbon Oxford)

Richard Kuziara

Rosie Jacobs (Independent Oxford and OSEP eScalat Programme)

Bart Ashton (Oxford University, Lady Margaret Hall)

Murieann Speed (Oxford Mutual Aid)

Madi (OX4 Food Crew)

Anant Jani (Researcher, University of Heidleberg)

Emily Smith

Previous steering group members include Julian Cottee (founding Chair), Adam Reid, Simon Kenton, Richard Howlett, Matt Dale, Katie Herring, Phil Pritchard, Mim Saxl, Laura Higham, James Golding-Graham, Chloe Horner, Deborah Glass-Woodin, Helen Hewlett, Judy Chipchase, Daisy Haywood, Christine McDermott, Ingeborg Steinbach, Charis Sharpe, George Bennett.

Advisory Group and Observers

A group of experts who feed into what we do. Current membership: 

Hannah Jacobs (Founding GFO staff member)

Roz Warren (Coordinator, Charity Mentors)

Ruth Layton (Founder and Director, Our Sankalpa)

Tom Curtis (Partner, 3Keel LLP)

Previous Advisory Group members include Anne Augustine, Jackie Wilderspin, Jo Colwell

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