Food Strategy

We're putting together a plan of action to promote a fairer, healthier and more sustainable food system for Oxfordshire.


Food Strategy for Oxfordshire

In 2021 Good Food Oxfordshire worked with a multi-stakeholder group to develop a strategy for Oxfordshire that aims to make healthy and sustainable food accessible and affordable, whilst improving the sustainability and resilience of our local food system.

In Oxfordshire we are facing real food challenges through the pressures of food poverty, the climate emergency, a diet-related ill-health crisis, and food supply issues. Working together, towards a coherent food strategy, can push back against these pressures and deliver a vision in which everyone in Oxfordshire can enjoy the healthy and sustainable food that they need every day.

The food strategy identifies five areas for priority action:

+ Tackle food poverty and diet-related ill health.

+ Build vibrant food communities with the capacity and skills to enjoy food together.

+ Grow our local food economy through local enterprises, local jobs and local wealth creation.

+ Strengthen short, transparent local food supply chains.

+ Improve the health and sustainability of institutional catering.

Ensuring that 'food thinking' is embedded within existing policies and plans as well as developing new initiatives is critical to the success of the strategy.

Read the Oxfordshire Food Strategy here and the appendix.

Food Action Plans for each District and the City of Oxford

A critical part of implementing this strategy has been the development of local Food Action Plans for each district, to ensure that the Food Strategy reflects local priorities and reflects the unique nature of the City and each of the Districts.

These have been led by the Food Action Working Groups (FAWGs) which include representatives from across the food system. FAWGs met over the course of a year to refine actions within these plans, alongside a wider stakeholder consultation event in each district.

The plans have been developed following a Theory of Change to ensure that the actions will deliver the intended outcomes and impacts.

Oxford City Food Action Plan

Cherwell Food Action Plan

West Oxfordshire Food Action Plan

South and Vale Food Action Plan - coming soon! 

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