Cookery for Everyone

The Good Food Cooking Toolkit is a concise guide to creative cooking without recipes. We designed the Good Food Cooking Toolkit during our Veg Cities Courses in March to May 2019 as an easy-to-use tool that encourages the user to design a balanced meal based on the available ingredients – rather than being limited to a specific recipe. You can pick up a copy of the toolkit at our GFO events, or download it here

The development of the Good Food Cooking Toolkit was supported Veg Cities, a feature campaign, by University of Oxford Martin School’s LEAP Project and by Replenish Oxfordshire.

The idea is simple: Chop up whichever vegetables are available – whether from the garden, a veg box, food parcel or community fridge – choose a cooking method, spice it up with 2-3 seasonings from different flavour categories, pick some creamy or crunchy toppings and a side dish, and enjoy.

Looking for more inspiration on how to create simple and tasty dishes with the toolkit? Follow the Good Food Oxford Facebook events and YouTube Channel for online cooking demos. And subscribe to our mailing list to find out about future cooking classes.

For Salad Lovers

If you love salads, try the Good Food Salad Dressing Toolkit –  a guide to creating a different tasty dressing for every day of the year with just a few base ingredients: 

For Cooking with Pumpkins & Squashes

Oxford Pumpkin Festival is our annual celebration of these gourdeous seasonal vegetables and our call to action against food waste. Find out more about Pumpkin Festival and get our free pumpkin recipes and tips to help you reduce food waste.

Getting kids to eat their veg

Some great ideas we collected together with cooking course participants in Oxford.

The Eat Them To Defeat Them campaign has free resources for families and schools – download them now or get in touch for hardcopies.  

Find more ideas in the Oxfordshire Food Superstars resource pack on cooking for families

For Chefs and Cooking Tutors

If you are looking for guidance for organising and teaching your own community cookery classes, take a look at our Good Food Cooking Framework and the accompanying resources.

We love cooking and we like sharing our love of cooking with others, so we created the Good Food Cooking Framework as a comprehensive guide, bringing together everything you need in one place – consistent messages for healthy, affordable and sustainable cooking. It includes learning theory and top tips from fellow experts on how to run high quality and successful cooking sessions.

If you use this framework, you will be able to demonstrate a basic standard for your sessions to funders and commissioners, maintain your reputation in providing high quality cooking sessions, and most importantly create dynamic and varied courses for your participants. We hope you enjoy it!

cover of the good food framework
The publication of the Good Food Cooking Framework was generously supported by Oxfordshire County Council.

Download the Good Food Cooking Framework

Download accompanying resources 

If you would like to practice your facilitation skills with fellow cooking leaders, and develop a learner-led approach to cooking sessions, Relish offers hands-on training which combines theory and practice, as a natural companion to this guide. 

Cooking course group picture

We are looking to recruit volunteers to teach cooking classes based on the Good Food Cooking Toolkit in 2021. If you are interested in becoming a cookery tutor, find out more on our volunteering page.