Good Food Oxford Annual Report 2017-18


Good Food Oxford Annual Report 2017-18

1 Oct 2018

Good Food Oxford: Oxford’s network for healthy, fair and environmentally sustainable food for all 2017-18: a flourishing year Activities delivered within our Strategic Priorities

Good Food Businesses: building Oxford’s sustainable food economy
  • Oxfordshire Catering & Procurement Working Group – 14 members, quarterly meetings
  • Healthy and sustainable catering guide
  • Report on food waste in Oxford University Colleges
  • Cultivate using Open Food Network – open source and transparent online ordering system
Good Food For All: ensuring everyone is able to eat well every day
  • A year of healthy, affordable food in the Leys – 2017 Big Lunch, cooking and growing sessions, promotion of Healthy Start Vouchers, Food Access Action Plan. 356 people benefit directly, 835 (estimated) indirectly
  • Third annual Oxfordshire Foodbank Forum May 2017 – 15 attendees. Reporting usage figures monthly, for Citizens Advice national campaigning
  • Food Services Map – 34 initiatives which provide free / subsidised food / meals. Viewed 700 times in first week
  • Good Food Cooking Framework for Oxfordshire – 70-page handbook for cooking facilitators
Changing Our Way: driving behaviours for healthy and sustainable food use
  • Joint campaign with Low Carbon Oxford North to eat for “heart, weight, tastebuds and planet” by eating more plants, seasonal food and leftovers – reaching 1,000 people
  • Oxford Green Week June 2017 – Big Green Day Out, five foodie sessions in the Leys, Oxford Bus Company trip to Rectory Farm PYO for 120 people
  • 4th annual Oxford Pumpkin Festival October 2017 – 18 events run by 14 organisations, 1,900 attendees. 5 local paper articles, radio, local TV. 1,026 website page views. 7,200 Facebook reach. 18,958 tweet reach. 10 million #PumpkinRescue tweets in total
  • SUGAR SMART Oxford – 665 people responded to the Great Sugar Debate. 96% were concerned about sugar in our food and drink. 99% thought businesses should take action. Leading to ten flagship organisations being awarded a “golden teaspoon” for making three or more business commitments
Organisational Development
  • 10 Steering Group members
  • 5 Advisory Group members
  • 3 Directors
  • 2 part-time staff
  • 1 intern
  • 4 volunteers
  • 1 consultant
  • Finally established as an independent organisation rather than a project of another organisation. Good Food Oxford Ltd – transferred on 1st December 2017
  • 130 network members
  • 100 network support meetings
  • Bi-monthly network newsletter
  • Monthly blogs
  • Online resource hub
  • 10 newspaper articles
  • 5 radio appearances
  • 3 local TV appearances
  • Four minute film featuring 8 network members
  • SFC Bronze Award application referenced 150 groups and organisations – successfully!
  • Healthy and sustainable food is now referenced in 16 local authority policies and strategies
With thanks to: Sustainable Food Cities, Fund for Sankalpa, Oxfordshire Community Foundation, Low Carbon Oxford, Oxford City Council, Oxfordshire County Council, Cultivate, Community Action Groups

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