Thursday 27th October saw our Annual Celebration with 54 Good Food Oxford network members in attendance.

GFO Strategic Priorities

For a start, it was a delicious evening! We were treated to food surplus nibbles from Doorstep Kitchen and Trax, sourdough breads from Sandford Bakery and oil and vinegar for dipping from Demijohn. Bothy Vineyard and LAM Brewery provided the drinks, with local fruit juice available too.

Well-fed, we convened to the beautiful Georgian-style theatre of our hosts, Lady Margaret Hall. It was a fitting environment for a moving celebration of the good that food can do.

Hannah Fenton, Manager of Good Food Oxford, gave a round-up of our work to date, with a focus on the year 2015-16. This was a year of growth for Good Food Oxford, with two part-time staff funded by the Fund for Sankalpa for two years from April 2015. At the start of the year, we consulted on our Strategic Priorities and came up with three:

  • Good Food Businesses – building Oxford’s sustainable food economy
  • Good Food For All – ensuring everyone is able to eat well every day
  • Changing Our Ways – driving behaviours for healthy and sustainable food use, starting with food waste.

Our aim is to make Oxford’s food system healthier, fairer and more sustainable. As a network of 130 organisation working together, we have a good deal of hope that we can do this. Over the year, the GFO team had 105 support meetings with network members, kept up regular communication with members and the public about our shared messages, and guided the work that is needed to fulfil the vision of the Oxford Good Food Charter.

There were so many activities and services that were delivered over the year that we have gathered them together in a beautiful Annual Report for you to read at your leisure.

We also have the slides from the event and a full-length audio here.

Feedback from the event was fantastic:
Awesome – amazing to see what a group of passionate people can achieve!!
Educational, inspiring, ground breaking.
Great job. Very inspiring.
Great to see not only networking but lots of serious attention on policy and behaviour change
Wonderful, lots of good hard work leading to real change and inspiration
Covering the ground well
Very inspiring. Glad to see ‘equity’ is central.
Nice mix of short term inspiring projects and long term systemic strategy

Thank god for the Hannahs.
FANTASTIC WORK! I feel inspired to do more and so proud and happy to be part of this network.

…and everyone left with full bellies and big plans.

Please get in touch to discuss our Annual Report and our future plans, we’d love to speak to you.

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