Oxfordshire's Food Poverty Pledges

Take a look below at some of the 40 organisations who pledged nearly 70 actions to tackle food poverty in Oxfordshire. You can also be a part of the movement by making a pledge!


Between June and August 2021 over 40 organisations pledged nearly 70 actions to tackle food poverty in Oxfordshire. This is our commitment to collective action to eradicate food poverty in Oxfordshire. The pledges are organised into three key themes: emergency provision, building resilience and preventing food poverty. You can still join this campaign and add your voice to the fight to end food poverty in Oxfordshire.


Emergency Provision

To continue supporting and advising the families in need. We will measure effectiveness and reach by establishing a system that can be used by all government agencies. Carterton Community Foodbank

Signposting and referring people in need to appropriate local food agencies and support organisations, recording the numbers of people referred, and evidencing the underlying reasons for the need. Citizens Advice

We pledge to use waste food from food suppliers. Key getting the waste and surplus food. North Oxfordshire Community Foodbank

We are supporting people to build the connectivity around the community. We also show that the community can play the main role to support people during any crisis.

Our food service helps people in need to not feel that they are alone and provide a quality food parcel based on their needs every week. Syrian Community Oxfordshire SYRCOX

We aim to continue to provide a service to clients referred to us by local agencies, churches and individuals who share our concern to reduce food poverty. At the same time, we will act on the vision statements provided by the Trussell Trust by strengthening our links to other local services. We aim to continue to provide an inclusive approach to welcoming our clients, recognising the diversity of our client base, and avoiding stigmatisation of individuals. We will continue to offer food packages which can be tailored to meet individual needs. Our parcels will continue to include such extras as may be available, e g toiletries, household supplies, and pet food. We aim to strengthen our links with local networks of support and explore other ways in which the local community can be supported by widening the remit of the foodbank. This will include exploring the development of the clothes bank, and other local support networks as may be offered through the local Churches. We hope to engage more fully with our volunteers to inform them of the Trussell Trust approach towards food poverty and poverty in general. Abingdon Foodbank

Building and maintaining strong relationships with local food agencies with regular communication and collaboration. Citizens Advice

Whilst we began in response to the pandemic, OMA recognises that food poverty in Oxford existed before Covid-19 and that there is an ongoing need for emergency parcel and meal support. We also recognise that multiple barriers exist to accessing support, and that statutory provisions may not meet every need. We therefore pledge to continue our emergency food response and to ensure that our service is always free, accessible and non-means tested. We also pledge to build this into a longer term, sustainable model. To ensure that we can be a long-term source of sustainable and inclusive support, we aim to improve our fundraising strategy by applying for more grant funding opportunities as well as working to increase our individual monthly donations. Oxford Mutual Aid

We pledge to involve our food recipients in the choice of food they receive and in food delivery. We will measure the effectiveness of this by tallying the number of informal questions about food wishes; and number of times food recipients involved in food delivery. Food for Charities

We aim to provide high-quality food to organisations who deal directly with those in food insecurity. We want people to have dignity of choice, and be treated equally to those who can afford to buy local and organic produce – this should not be an exclusive club. We will leverage our network and sourcing to ensure that good, local, fresh, high-quality fruit and vegetables are sourced not only for customers, but for organisations who deliver food aid. We communicate closely with organisations who deliver food to those who need it, to ensure that we are providing what they need or want and to modify appropriately. Cultivate Oxfordshire (local food hub)

We provide emergency food parcels for those with insufficient means to purchase food. We pledge to provide an emergency food parcels, containing enough nutritional food items for 3/4 days on receipt of a referral from an independent agency working with the family in need of food. Due to COVID this is provided by a twice weekly delivery service. A 5 day collection service will resume after the end of lockdown. The Community Emergency Foodbank

We are committed to providing dignified and flexible access to emergency food, by offering home cooked nutritious meals in the OX4 area. We pledge to continue to offer people the chance to state their dietary requirements (lactose free, halal etc) when signing up for meals, as well as well as the opportunity to choose whether to have their meals delivered or come to collect, according to each household’s unique preferences and circumstances. OX4 Food Crew

We pledge to provide fresh, healthy food to people experiencing homelessness and vulnerable housing. To measure the effectiveness and reach we will measure the number of pieces of fruit, bread, eggs being delivered. Food for Charities

We pledge to deliver home cooked, nutritious meals to those most affected by Covid and unable to access food. Number of meals distributed (42,500 to date). To measure effectiveness, we gather feedback on how they are enjoyed and the difference that they have made. The Branch Trust

We want the community to feel at ease accessing our food larder when they most need it. Having a range of food produce is important to meet certain diets, allergies and nutritional needs. The larder is available to the community Monday to Friday. This includes families with children who may choose not to buy fresh fruit/ vegetables as part of their supermarket shop, possibly due to financial hardship. Having a healthy balanced diet is important for everyone. We also provide emergency food parcels (which we can delivered) to people that for example are living in emergency accommodation, experiencing financial difficulties or unable to access a supermarket. Our food larder is open to the community 5 days a week. Any one can access the larder without a voucher or additional information. We hope that this reduces stigma around accessing food banks/ larders. The Sunshine Centre (community group and food larder)

Identifying and supporting pockets of unmet need within the county by analysing referrals and taking steps to address gaps in awareness, referrals and provision of support. Citizens Advice

West Oxfordshire District Council pledges to raise awareness of all the community food services available locally to support people in need of emergency food provision and continue to signpost residents to finance, debt and broader wellbeing services. We aim to create a deeper understanding of food poverty and its effects within communities by offering GFO food poverty training to all staff. West Oxfordshire District Council

Good Food Oxford will continue to update and promote the Food Access map to ensure that those in need of free or subsidised food, or those looking to reduce food waste know where to find it near to them. We will measure the reach and effectiveness by monitoring the number of times the map is accessed. Good Food Oxford

Widening access to advice and support through Citizens Advice’s countywide Benefits in Place pilot. Citizens Advice

Building resilience

We pledge to decrease our food wasting and share our food with others when it is possible. Cooking what is available at home and be creative with our Iraqi cuisine.  Iraq women Art and War (IWAW)

Good Food Oxford will train 30 volunteer cooking tutors across Oxfordshire (6 in each District). who in turn will support local people to engage in cooking and learn new skills using GFO Cooking Framework and Cooking Toolkit. 24 of these will be trained by September 2021 with a further 6 to be trained once we have identified a facilitator and venue. The effectiveness and reach of this intervention will be monitored through attendance at the sessions and testimonials. Good Food Oxford

We support the development of a Food Strategy for the district in partnership with Good Food Oxford. In developing the strategy, we will collaborate with other public sector organisations, charities, local businesses, other stakeholders and people with lived experience of food poverty. The strategy will address emergency measures, building resilience and reducing food poverty in our local area. We aim to bring a first draft of a Food Strategy for decision by January 2022 in line with our partners across the County. Oxfordshire County Council and Cherwell District Council

We pledge to continue to cooperate with other local groups, including the Oxford City Farm and the Oxford Food Hub to source food and reduce food waste. We also pledge to increase our cooperation and reach out to other local organisations who are combating food poverty in the area.  Florence Park Community Centre


Good Food Oxford pledges to convene regular meetings of the Community Food Networks to enable the voices of community food services to be heard by councils, enable sharing of best practice, improve efficient use of resources and collective problem solving. We will measure the reach and effectiveness of these meetings by monitoring numbers attending and actions being achieved. Good Food Oxford

We are committed to building food resilience in the local community by offering free cooking for health and wellbeing courses for a variety of groups. We will ensure our courses are adapted to the unique needs of certain groups unique needs (e.g., Parents or Vulnerably Housed) to ensure increased autonomy and dignity throughout. OX4 Food Crew

We are committed to building food resilience in our local community and being responsive to emergent needs, both long and short term. We will use community led research to ensure we are being responsive and adapting our working in collaboration with the local community. OX4 Food Crew

We aim to support local residents currently accessing food banks to transition into use of the Community Larder; upholding their dignity and choice by offering discretionary (free) larder memberships for a fixed period before they progress to a paid membership when they’re ready and able. We’ll do this by collaborating with the local food bank, ensuring good communication and signposting, and listening to food bank users and larder members about their needs. We will monitor the number of discretionary memberships offered and accepted, and how many of those progress to becoming paid members. The Berin Centre (community larder)

We are also adding to our meal delivery a commitment to include simple home recipes to help educate our meal recipients on what they can easily achieve themselves (this will be implemented in the next couple of weeks). We will send these out each week and after a period of 6 weeks will ask for feedback from recipients as to effectiveness and suitability. Florence Park Community Centre

Good Food Oxford pledges to promote increases in vegetable consumption through our Switch Up your Lunch campaign. We will monitor the effectiveness of our campaign by gathering pledges from those who wish to Swich Up their Lunch. Good Food Oxford

Bringing local Abingdon groups together to improve people’s health and wellbeing

We pledge to enable the distribution of recipe kits (food & instructions) to a local school (196 pupils, 27% FSM, 35% on pupil premium). This will provide a meal and a learning opportunity through an educational activity. Teachers may use the activity as a talking point/lesson base after half term. Subjective assessments of learning could be collated to establish effectiveness. Healthy Abingdon (community group)

Good Food Oxford will support the rollout of Play:full Holiday Activities programme to ensure that all children can enjoy holiday enrichment activities and healthy food. We will make Play:Full resources available to all holiday activity providers who want to make their activities Play:Full. We will establish the effectiveness and reach by reporting numbers of children attending Play:Full activities in each district. Good Food Oxford

We pledge to share out surplus food from local supermarkets and businesses so that it is used rather than thrown away, and work with allotment holders and gardeners to share surplus locally grown fruit and veg. This will give those in food poverty access to fresh produce (as this is not available via our local Food Bank) and reduce food waste in our community. We will measure effectiveness by recording number of new visitors (so we have a total of fridge users) and weight of surplus food shared out. Sustainable Wantage

We pledge to work with parents to ensure those who are eligible for free school meals have access to healthy, hot food each day. Build trusting relationships with families. Barton Park Primary School

We aim to work with Local Authority to embed more food production within the public realm. We will do this through networking with public and private landowners. Edge (food production education, CPD, and design of food gardens)

We pledge to empower and encourage families to cook and eat together. We will monitor the number of families joining our Branch Out and Cook course and using our cooking bags with ingredients and recipes. The Branch Trust

We pledge to develop our outreach to the local community by creating a new role within Oxford Food Hub (to start summer 2021). We aim to use this opportunity to educate people about food waste whilst also improving the support we give to our existing charities. We will review and report on the outcomes of this project and report to the CFN at regular intervals. Oxford Food Hub

We aim to raise awareness of healthy tooth friendly foods and drink by promoting and increasing the local uptake of Healthy Start vouchers. We will include specific information and signposting to all professionals, who work with children and families, who we train over the next 12 months. We will create a CDS branded video highlighting tooth friendly food and drink and how families can support this with the Healthy Start Vouchers. The video will be hosted on our YouTube channel and shared with our partners, stakeholders and via our social media platforms. We will be able to report back the number of professionals who will have been signposted to in training. WE will be able to offer data on how many views our video has and also gain engagement data from partners and SM. Community Dental Services

Preventing food poverty

Our plan aims to reduce levels of both long-term food poverty (“household food insecurity”) and of crisis or ‘emergency’ food poverty including food bank use. There is a focus on tackling the underlying causes of food poverty – not just picking up the pieces. In addition, we are using landfill supermarket waste to help with food poverty. We will measure effectiveness and reach through research and record current climate. Banbury mosque (Green Dome Trust)

We aim to develop the possibilities for signposting clients for additional support in in order to achieve independence in the long term. The opportunity to discuss in greater detail the individual needs of clients and ways of helping them to a better quality of life will be explored, by volunteers specifically identified for this task. Support for the volunteers, and recognition of specific expertise in this area will be an important part of this process. Feedback from clients will also be useful in progressing this, and time to carry out feedback surveys needs to be built into the Foodbank process. A biannual survey of clients to receive feedback will be instigated. Abingdon Foodbank

I will give advice, raising awareness and choice to accessing community food resources

I will update our service directory of community food resources on a weekly basis and review on a 6-monthly basis, to improve signposting effecting to community food resources. Emma Fuller/ Lead Social Prescriber Oxford City Social Prescribing Service (PCN collaboration)

We pledge to increase the number of community larder members as well as continuing to support our current members, both with food and additional wrap around services.

The measurements we will take to establish effectiveness and reach we will monitor membership numbers, number of wrap around services that the community larder hosts e.g. Cafe, CA, debt counselling, second hand school uniform sales etc. Cutteslowe Community Larder

We pledge to take steps to offer our clients basic supplies on a regular basis to supplement their weekly household needs (primarily food) and to signpost further support from other agencies and the local community. We monitor by ensuring regular contact with clients and recording needs and changes in situation. Because we are such a small organisation, we are able to have more personal contact with our clients. Springwater Good Neighbour Foodbank

West Oxfordshire District Council supports the development of a Food Strategy for the county/city/district in partnership with Good Food Oxford. In developing the strategy, we will collaborate with statutory agencies, charities, local businesses, other stakeholders and people with lived experience of food poverty. The strategy will address emergency measures, building resilience and reducing food poverty in our local area. We aim to bring a first draft of a Food Strategy to Council by January 2022 in line with our partners across the County. West Oxfordshire District Council

Oxford City Council pledge to continue to provide support to anyone in Oxford who is experiencing, or is at risk of experiencing food insecurity or food poverty. Using a multi-agency approach, including work through our locality hubs, we will continue to advise, direct and offer practical support to those in need. As part of this support we will work with Good Food Oxford, the County and other District Councils to help develop a County-wide food strategy which will also take account of Oxford’s rich diversity, cultural heritage and inequalities.’ Oxford City Council

As we provide emergency food parcels, we work closely with the referring agencies working with their client group. We provide a flexible service and together try to prevent long term dependency on foodbanks. We will enter into negotiation with referring agency after the receipt of 5 food parcels. The Community Emergency Foodbank

We aim to broaden and make our food support more sustainable through achieving funding for an additional fridge and freezer that can be utilised by the local community as well as ourselves, and to offer recipe and cooking advice to our families that we support with food parcels. We pledge to make several funding applications/bids and appeals to local grants / businesses to achieve the £1200 required. We will commence funding applications in May 2021 and aim to have achieved our fundraising goal by September 2021. Raise £1200 funding, purchase additional fridge and freezer, work with local food enterprise coordinator, distribute The Good Food Cooking Toolkit resource and develop support. Cornerstone, Charlbury (sharing project and food support)

Good Food Oxfordshire pledges to monitor, utilise and promote the pledges made as part of the Food Poverty Action Plan. To measure the success of the pledges and Food Poverty Action Plan we will review in Community Food Network meetings and celebrate and promote successes. Good Food Oxfordshire

Work with families to raise awareness of local food initiatives that could benefit them. Barton Park Primary School

Communicating evidence to local decision makers in order to influence and address underlying causes of food poverty in the county. Citizens Advice

Good Food Oxfordshire will develop a Food Strategy for Oxfordshire, in collaboration with a range of partners including local businesses, community groups and councils. Food Poverty will be a central theme considered in the context of a sustainable food system that ensures that everyone in Oxfordshire can access healthy and sustainable food that is Good for People, Good for Communities and Good for the Planet. We will measure the reach and effectiveness by monitoring actions delivered in line with the strategic priorities. Good Food Oxfordshire

Good Food Oxfordshire aims to support new growing projects across the County. We will do this by supporting schools, community groups and community food networks in identifying spaces, accessing resources, tools and seeds. We will keep data on the number of projects and the number of people that benefit from their implementation. Good Food Oxfordshire

Whilst recognising dignity and autonomy, we aim to ensure that people requiring emergency food aid and using our social supermarket are able to receive food that is of good nutritional value. We pledge to develop a system that allows us to record the percentage of fresh produce, tinned fruit and veg, beans and pulses that are distributed on a monthly basis. Categories will be established by May and our first quarterly review of data will be published August. Banbury Town Business & Residential Community Project C.I.C

We continue to promote dignified access to food, by hosting a series of ‘pay as you feel’ or donations-based community meals, which are accessible to all. We will further support food resilience in the local community by hosting these events in collaboration with local diversity led social enterprises, as well as use them as a way of celebrating the diverse food cultures and groups in our local area. OX4 Food Crew

We pledge to support and advise on health and well-being, provide information on value for money and promoting healthy lifestyle. We will measure effect and reach through promotion and feedback, follow up advice. Carterton Community Foodbank

We aim to support our community out of food poverty through access to nutritionally valuable and financially accessible fresh food. We will offer dignity through choice and the option to be part of the team. By the end of 2021 the community Larder aims to be run solely by member/volunteers. The Chippy Larder

We pledge to increase the number of Community Larders and Community Food Members supporting vulnerable individuals and families. The measurements we will take to establish reach/effectiveness: Numbers of CFMs, Larders and members / attendance records. SOFEA

Increase the total quantity of surplus food, diverted from landfill and provided through Oxfordshire’s VCS food system. We will measure the total tonnes of food distributed each week. SOFEA

We pledge to help reduce food poverty by offering surplus food at no cost. We will monitor effectiveness and reach by surveying visitors to the Fridge. Abingdon Community Fridge

We pledge to set up a Community Larder in Wantage to increase access to affordable food, making this an open offer and a sustainability choice rather than ‘charity’. We will measure effectiveness by gathering number of larder members and having conversations with / feedback from larder members. Sustainable Wantage

Our aim is to continue to reduce food waste by ensuring all appropriate donations are redistributed to the community. We will improve people’s cooking skills and nutrition through the creation of recipes which will be shared via our social media programme. We will continue to provide compassionate and practical support to people in crisis. Witney & West Oxfordshire Foodbank

We pledge to provide food at any cost no-one should go hungry. Banbury mosque (Green Dome Trust)

We pledge to continue our Free Friday Meal delivery service to those in our Over 60’s lunch club and those in need in the OX4 area, whilst the crisis around COVID continues and beyond if needed (our Face-to-Face weekly Lunch club will resume in place at the Community Centre when appropriate) and to work to making it easier for new people to discover our service. Florence Park Community Centre

Our vision is to convert public spaces into food production areas and to train others on how to produce their own food efficiently and easily. We pledge to Offer free training to others on how to grow food. We aim to measure effectiveness and reach by reaching out via GFO, Universities, Food Bank, Oxfordshire Homeless. Edge (food production education, CPD, and design of food gardens)

We pledge to encourage those coming to us for food to eat more healthily. Community Cupboard (Oxford City)

We believe in giving marginalised groups and disadvantaged young people greater wellbeing. We do this through empowering, bespoke cookery classes and wellness activities.

We pledge to improve the lives of 8 local residents by providing cookery classes on a budget using food bank ingredients and seasonal vegetables. We will run a series of 3 and more cookery classes to families living in Wantage and surrounding villages. We will facilitate by providing a chef and making recipes. We will provide take home recipe cards and ingredients to make at home. We will photograph, collect testimonials and put on social media and website. Maymessy CIC (empowering cookery school)

We aim to reduce food poverty in our Oxfordshire by promoting and raising awareness of healthy start vitamins at our health visitor reviews with families of children under the age of 5 years across Oxfordshire. We will do this over the coming year.

We will measure the outcome by recording the number of healthy start vitamins we give to families across Oxfordshire. Health Visiting Service

I pledge to decrease food waste and maximum use of food and to promote health and food on the plate. I will guide how we can reuse food. Gabi Galvanese

Rose Hill Junior Youth Club pledges to minimise “holiday hunger” and food poverty by providing healthy nutritious meals and food activity boxes to 30 families living in Rose Hill and Littlemore during the August 2021 and October 2021 school holidays. We will engage these families through our strong partnership links to RH Primary School, John Henry Newman Academy and Family Solutions and introduce them to simple new recipes, vegetables from our allotment and a range of delicious fruit desserts. We have established connections with social media and our partner organisations to ensure effective marketing and take up of this project. In addition, we will monitor and record the number of families signed up for the meals and boxes, get feedback from them on the types of food provided, ease of use of the activity packs, type of meals provided. Rose Hill Junior Youth Club (youth club and foodbank)

We aim to address acute food poverty among asylum seekers and refugees by distributing about 40 weekly food parcels, reaching around 100 people including family members. These are people who are not allowed to work or to access Universal Credit, so they are in real poverty. We provide both non-perishable items and fresh vegetables and fruit. The clients who access the food bank are also supported by our advice service who periodically assess their need to continue receiving food. Asylum Welcome (refugee and asylum seeker support, including foodbank)

Under inspection frameworks, Ofsted inspect how children and learners keep themselves healthy, including through healthy eating. In response to this and to end food poverty in Oxfordshire we will give consistent messages through our communications and will promote local and national funding available. With the aim to improve healthier foods and tackle food insecurity we will work in collaboration with Early Years, Childcare and Educational settings. The Early Years Team, Children and Families Service Children, Education and Families Directorate Oxfordshire County Council

Providing information and advice on the issues that are causing financial hardship by offering benefit checks to people in food poverty and identifying any additional support available. Citizens Advice

The community of Northmoor has a collective of individuals prepared to donate grown produce, fruit harvest. I pledge to raise awareness of Good Food Oxford’s Food Poverty Action Plan and ensure that we reduce waste of unwanted vegetables and fruit. I will make sure residents are aware of the Food Poverty Action Plan and agree to participate. Maureen Sears councillor, Northmoor Parish Council

I pledge to improve our signposting service to prevent food poverty. I aim to ask patients if they have access to affordable food. Emma Fuller/ Lead Social Prescriber. Oxford City Social Prescribing Service (PCN collaboration)

If you or your organisation would like to find out more and get involved then please get in touch and follow us on social media @GoodFoodOxford.

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