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Turnip the spotlight onto veggies and #SwitchUpYourLunch —

By eating a vegetarian lunch on 8th June 2020!

To encourage everyone in Oxfordshire to make a positive difference to the environmental impact of our food, we’re asking people, companies, schools, universities and community groups in Oxfordshire to pledge to eat a vegetarian lunch on the 8th June 2020. In 2019, an estimated 15,000 people across Oxford were reached, and this year we want to make it even bigger.

Join us and share a photo of your veggie lunch on social media tagging #SwitchUpYourLunch and @goodfoodoxford.

If you sign up for an organisation, we will share a social media pack to help you share your pledge – even if you are not serving food at this time, this is a great way to keep your remote working or furloughed teams at home engaged and show your commitment to climate action at the same time.

By switching up your lunch on June 8th 2020 you’ll be helping make a difference to of the environmental impact of our food in Oxfordshire. If we all make a pledge to eat a veggie meal regularly, we can help to slow climate change, conserve precious natural resources, whilst improving your health. All you have to do is have one veggie meal. Even better, why not pledge to eat veg for more than one meal, or one day, why not the week?

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Why are we asking you to pledge for a veggie lunch?

The way we use our planet’s resources is crucial to how we’ll limit our impact on our Earth. Currently, the average European lifestyle requires the resources of three planets. But what about the average Oxfordshire citizen?

The food we eat in Oxfordshire makes up 43% of our ecological footprint.

Source: Moore 2018, Oxfordshire Ecological Footprinting Study.

This is because our diets tend to be animal-product-heavy, especially meat and dairy. Though we can do a lot to reduce our carbon and ecological footprints by buying local food, we’d make an even bigger impact through reducing the amount of animal products we consume and introducing more vegetarian & plant-based meals into our diets.

According to World Meat-Free Week, a company of 500 people choosing veggie for just one meal saves:

  • The global warming potential equivalent of driving a car 5,059 kilometres
  • The equivalent of 12 years of water use for 1 person
  • The daily recommended calories of 18 men

Collectively we can make a difference. If you want to be a part of #SwitchUpYourLunch and improve Oxfordshire’s carbon footprint, sign up today!

Lettuce help you!

We have collated some useful resources to help you switch your lunch:

Thumbnail good food cooking toolkit

The Good Food Cooking Toolkit: a handy guide to help you get creative in the kitchen and work with ingredients you have at home, whether from an allotment, veg box, food parcel or community fridge. Download here

Free online cooking & baking demos with local chefs. See all upcoming dates on Facebook

Download a weekly food planner

Veg Power broccoli card

Games, reward charts, posters and more from Veg Power to help you get children eating veg

More smart tips to get children eating veg

Looking for more ways to eat more climate-friendly and eat more veg? Visit out good food for the planet page, and find more useful resources to support your organisation’s pledge on vegcities.org.

Switch Up Your Lunch is supported by Good Food Oxford, Oxfordshire Greentech, Oxfordshire County Council, Women in Sustainability, Low Carbon Hub and the national Veg Cities campaign.