Oxford plays host to two universities that educate over 30,000 full-time students and employ another quarter of that as research and academic staff. Furthermore, a number of external research institutions dot the landscape. With such academic powerhouses in the area, it is understandable that a body of research from university students and researchers on topics related to Oxfordshire’s food system is emerging. Good Food Oxford has planted the seed, and begun aggregating and documenting this work to make it more accessible to the broad range of those interested in Oxford’s food system. Stay tuned as this section grows!


Report on Oxfordshire’s Community Food Services during COVID-19 May 2020 – Good Food Oxford

End Hunger Summary Report October 2019 – J. McCrohon for Good Food Oxford

A Life on the Living Wage – L. Green for Good Food Oxford

Oxford SFC Bronze Award application – Good Food Oxford submitted an application for a Sustainable Food Cities Bronze award in May 2018

Made in Oxfordshire – Report from Good Food Oxford & Local Nexus event on relocalising manufacturing

Mapping project of food outlets in Rose Hill, Blackbird Leys and Barton – Report from The Student Consultancy for Good Food Oxford

Food Poverty in Oxford: A Qualitative Study in Barton and Rose Hill – F. Hansford & R. Friedman for Good Food Oxford

The Value of Local Food: A Local Business Perspective – Report from Good Food Oxford, gauging barriers to local food businesses trading local produce, and how a food depot might improve the current situation

Dealing with Food Waste at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford – Report from The Student Consultancy for Good Food Oxford

Food assistance in the Leys: current provision and recommendations for Good Food Oxford – Report from The Student Consultancy for Good Food Oxford

Current Food Waste Practices and Potential Improvements across the Colleges of the University of Oxford – Report from Oxford University ECI-funded intern Aaron Hanson for Good Food Oxford

Usage of the “Community Cupboard” in Barton Neighbourhood Centre – Report from The Student Consultancy for Good Food Oxford

SUGAR SMART Oxford – choice architecture, marketing and student engagement to minimise sugar consumption – Report from The Student Consultancy for Good Food Oxford

Research and Policy Publications

Crunching Numbers: A Snapshot of Oxford’s Food System – Good Food Oxford Blog

Feeding the Gaps: Food Poverty and Food Surplus Redistribution in Oxford – D. Lalor, report commissioned by the Community Action Groups project.

FoodPrinting Oxford: How to Feed a City – LandShare, Oxford City Council, Low Carbon Oxford

Making Sustainable Food Choices: Influencing Consumer Behaviour for Food Sustainability in Oxford – OxPolicy

999 FOOD – Emergency Food Aid in the Thames Valley – A Snapshot – Food Matters

The Benefits of Land Management by Community Action Groups in Oxfordshire  – Bronwen Hunter, report commissioned by the Community Action Groups project. See also CAG summary and infographic.

Theses and Dissertations

Creating Edible Futures: Exploring Oxford’s Governance Capacity to Move Forward Towards a More Sustainable Food System – L. Kliem

Evaluating the Contribution of Fresh Food Redistribution Organisations to the Environmental Sustainability of Food Systems: A Study of the Oxford Food Bank – A. Bissett

Free Cheese Only Comes in Mousetraps: Exploring Food Bank Use in the UK – M. Ellis-Petersen

Unmaking waste: An exploration of surplus food redistribution in Oxford, United Kingdom – T. Serle

If you know of something we are missing, drop us a line.

And if you have an idea for locally-focused environmental research, please get in touch.