UPDATE MAY 2020: We are running an online survey of community food service providers in collaboration with Oxfordshire County Council to gain insights into the challenges and opportunities for our community food services. This information will inform decisions around planning, funding and support for these services in the future. If you run a community food service such as a foodbank, community larder, community fridge or meal deliveries, please support this effort by completing the survey here by 29th May. Your support in gathering this information is crucial and it is imperative that we can accurately represent all of our food services.

The Oxfordshire Food Access Services Database and Map show charities, community projects and other places that provide free or subsidised food across Oxford and Oxfordshire.

The map lets you easily search for local services in your area depending on whether they are open access or you need to be referred or become a member. Further details for each service can be found by clicking on the placemarks on the map.

If you would like more information, you can access the full database and can also search for services using other criteria (e.g. to find which services also provide support groups, computer services, etc.). Please refer to the database for the latest info on opening times, and contact each service directly before going there for donations or pickups.

If you know of a service that we have not yet listed or would like to update your service’s details, please email us on mail@goodfoodoxford.org or fill in this form to enable us to update the resources.

This database and map were created in collaboration with Feeding The Gaps, Good Food Oxford, Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council.