Read our compilation of resources to help you respond to the COVID-19 crisis and to keep your business operating or prepare to re-open as soon as possible after the lockdown.

Good Food Oxford (GFO) is striving to make Oxfordshire a thriving regional food hotspot, which requires a strong network of local businesses working together. This covers everything from production to processing to retail and involves scaling up from what exists already. GFO provide services to help food and drink businesses thrive, from providing business opportunities and publicity, to tailored training, to consultancy support.

New business opportunity – ‘Good Food’ Away Days

Organisations are increasingly looking for team Away Days that are a little bit different or have a social conscience, and food & drink activities are proving the most popular! GFO is now offering a range of Away Day experiences through our partners. If you’ve got a great ‘Good Food’ (or drink!) experience to offer, please get in touch!

Tailored training 

Good Food Oxford provides training for food and drink companies on a variety of subjects.  Our flagship course ‘Cut Waste; Cut costs’ helps food companies reduce energy, water and food waste with all the social, economic and  environmental benefits that brings.  We can also help in other areas from boosting your social media strategy and skills in order to increase business, to the ins and outs of food safety management. Contact us to find out more.

One-to-one consultancy support

GFO offers detailed support for food and drink businesses and institutions on a wide range of subjects, from helping develop social media marketing plans, to embedding good food policies, to creating menus that are healthier and more sustainable. Contact us to discuss how we could help your business thrive.

Recognition and help towards certification

As customers become increasingly discerning about the environmental credentials of places they visit, being recognised as ‘green’ and socially responsible can help attract more customers.  In 2016 GFO established a certification scheme based on the ‘Most Sustainable Restaurant Award’ category at the Oxfordshire Restaurant Awards. GFO also awards window stickers in recognition of the environmental, sourcing and community actions network members have taken.

GFO can help food outlets of all types become more sustainable, and demonstrate this to customers; for example we award certificates to companies who have taken action as a result of our ‘Cut waste; Cut Costs’ training course.  We can help businesses along their journey to achieving certification to a national scheme, such as the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s ‘Food Made Good’ programme, breaking the process down into simple, easily digestible steps.   Contact us to see how we could help you get the recognition you deserve.

Resources for business 

See our list of resources covering guidance on making your organisation more sustainable, business regulations, funding opportunities and more.

Other things we do to help business

We also undertake a variety of research and projects to help grow our local food economy including: