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2. Sign the Oxford Good Food Charter

The Good Food Charter is our vision of a food system that is better for people and planet. By signing your organisation up to the Charter, you can show your support for the vision.

3. Get listed online

The Good Food Oxford web site will become a portal for people to find out what’s going on around the city. To get your business or organisation listed here and in future publications, sign our Good Food Charter or drop us a line.

4. Volunteer!

Get involved with some of the fantastic organisations working to make food better in Oxford. See here for a list of opportunities. Or run an event yourself – you might find our list of Food Facilitators helpful.

5. Choose Good Food

It’s not hard to start eating food that is healthier, better for the environment and better for your pocket… here are some good places to start, based on the WWF Livewell PrinciplesGood Food For Everyone