The COVID-19 lockdown has hit many food businesses across Oxfordshire hard. Hospitality businesses having to close, customers staying away and events being cancelled has put the livelihoods of many small business owners at great risk.

At the same time, this crisis has opened up new opportunities for instance in online retail and home delivery, and we are seeing an upsurge of creative responses led both by businesses and community groups. You can read more about some great examples of this in our April newsletter. Resilience is being built and tested, businesses are diversifying their offering, and operational models are being reinvented.

To support this process, we have compiled the best online resources to help food businesses and community groups in Oxfordshire get through the crisis, adapt their business models and prepare for re-opening their operations as soon as possible. Visit our dedicated COVID-19 Resources page to get specific guidance for farmers, producers and retailers, community projects, food markets, retailers, restaurants, cafes and other catering businesses.

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