UntitledOn Wednesday 8th February 2017, our fifth Research Kitchen event, “What about food poverty in Oxford” was held at the Oxford University Environmental Change Institute. 36 people attended, about half Oxford University students, most of whom had not attended a Research Kitchen event before. Some attendees were frontline service providers who were working directly with people experiencing food poverty.

We heard about the research into food poverty in two areas of Oxford, commissioned by Good Food Oxford and carried out by Frances Hansford and Rachel Friedman (more detail here, as well as the mapping project carried out by The Student Consultancy (more info here).

Frances Hansford explained the FAO’s Food Insecurity Experience Scale which is a measure of food poverty, and discussed the semi-structured interviews that were carried out to establish people’s experiences with food and their recommendations for what could be done in their community to improve the food.

She then outlined our next proposed project – a community-led response to food poverty in one area of Oxford, designed to help people come up with and lead on ways to tackle food poverty, health and sustainability.

Keep in touch to be kept informed about the progress of this project, and if you are a frontline service provider, come along to our workshop on 27th February to discuss the issues.

You can see Francis’ presentation here: GFO food poverty and access Research Kitchen Feb 2017

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