Good Food Oxford currently has three part-time staff members and several consultants.

Hannah Fenton – GFO Development Manager

Fiona Steel – GFO Manager

Nina Osswald – GFO Network & Projects Coordinator

If you’d like to get in touch with us, please email Nina.

Here are some words of introduction from Hannah, Fiona and Nina:

hannahfentonHannah enjoys food, sometimes more than three times a day. She recommends going vegan for lunch, for greatest environmental impact. She takes an asset-based approach, where everyone has something to offer and everyone has something they need. Hannah has previously worked in conferencing, arts sponsorship and professional development, and event manages the Oxford Real Farming Conference. She knows something of what it takes to bring good, local food into a commercial catering establishment. She likes bringing people together over food, especially if it would otherwise go in the bin. Food waste be gone! She lives with her husband Rupert who has an apple juice business.

Food – it’s everywhere! It is intrinsic to our sense of identity and culture and is pivotal in the health of our planet and its people.
Fiona knows this and loves food in its many forms – nutrition, nurture and belonging, but cannot ignore the impact that poorly managed food systems can have on our planet and communities. As a social worker Fiona has worked with communities with limited access to good food and believes passionately that this is a fundamental human right. Prior to being a social worker Fiona worked in a range of non-profit organisations on issues of social justice and poverty and in the dim and distant past as a management consultant. She loves cooking and feeding people, particularly her 3 daughters and husband.

GFO Network & Projects Coordinator NinaNina has been chewing on sustainable food systems from all possible angles over the past ten years: Trained as a Development Geographer at the University of Freiburg in Germany, she has worked as a researcher studying the emerging Indian market for organic food from Hyderabad in South India, as a cookery instructor teaching local, organic and plant-based cuisine, as a recipe blogger, occasional retreat chef for yoga and meditation retreats, and as an aspiring permaculture designer. Nina is a passionate cyclist in all weathers, and in addition to cooking she loves gardening and foraging for wild greens and edible flowers.

In addition Good Food Oxford’s regular staff members, we have been supported by many different people over the years. We would like to thank the following for their fantastic contributions, both past and present, to Oxford’s food system.

Past Members of Staff: Hannah Jacobs (founding Co-ordinator), Seb Mayfield (Network & Projects Coordinator), Chloe Horner (Engagement Facilitator)

Consultants: Philippa Hoy, Doireann Lalor, Niko O’Brien, Frances Hansford, Vic Simms, Victoria Johnson, Jade Neville

Interns: Emma Wells, Rachel Friedman, Rosie Eccleston, Aaron Hanson, Laura Green

Volunteers: Joe McCrohon, Jessica Halliwell, Naomi Flagg, Martha Wiltshire, Alison Baxter, Alison Hill, Angel Bailey, Sam Clarke Warry, Annabelle Hall, Leila Friar, Maggie Westby, Laura Green

Directors: Bart Ashton (Company Secretary), Charis Sharpe, Nicky Stanek, Damon Boughen, Olivier Eymery

Steering Group: Click here to see current steering group members. Previous steering group members include Julian Cottee (founding Chair), Adam Reid, Simon Kenton, Richard Howlett, Matt Dale, Katie Herring, Phil Pritchard, Mim Saxl, Laura Higham, James Golding-Graham, Chloe Horner, Deborah Glass-Woodin, Helen Hewlett, Judy Chipchase, Daisy Haywood, Christine McDermott

Advisory Group and Observers: Tom Curtis, Anne Augustine, Jackie Wilderspin, Ruth Layton, Roz Warren, Jo Colwell, Hannah Jacobs

And don’t be shy, get in touch to tell us what you’re working on and how you’d like to be involved with Good Food Oxford.