Why Oxford Food Future Day?

Pledge Veggie Now!

The way we use our planet’s resources is crucial to how we’ll limit our impact on our earth. Currently, the average European lifestyle requires the resources of three planets. But what about the average Oxfordshire citizen?

For us, the food we eat in Oxfordshire has the biggest impact, making up 43% of our ecological footprint. 

This is because our diets tend to be animal-product-heavy, especially meat and dairy.

ecological footprint diagram

Oxfordshire Ecological Footprinting Study, Dr Jennie Moore (2018)

Meat and dairy products:

  • Require a lot of land and resources to produce
  • Generate large quantities of carbon and methane emissions
  • Use a lot of freshwater
  • Have a negative impact on the biodiversity and wildlife on the farms

Though we can do a lot to reduce our carbon/ecological footprints by buying local food, we’d make an even bigger impact through introducing more vegetarian and vegan meals into our diets.

Pledge Veggie Now!

According to World Meat-Free Week, a company of 500 people going veggie for one meal saves:

  • The Global Warming Potential equivalent of driving a car 5,059 kilometres
  • The equivalent of 12 years of water use for 1 person
  • The daily recommended calories of 18 men

Veggie Pledge

So, what are we doing on Monday 10th June? Quite simply, the biggest vegetarian/vegan day in Oxford.


We’re asking as many companies, schools, universities, community groups and more to go vegetarian or vegan for the day (or week) and we want you to get involved and to tell us about it! Click the button below to record your organisation’s pledge and join thousands of people across the city.

Pledge Now!

Pledge your own lunch/your organisation’s lunches on our website, share photos on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #SwitchUpYourLunch, and tell other people about it! Whether you go vegetarian or vegan for the day or for the whole week (or more!), we’d love to know.


There is such a thing as a free lunch

Also happening on Monday 10th is a surplus food FREE lunch on Bonn Square, Oxford. The food will be vegetarian and kindly donated from the Oxford Food Bank – it’s food that would otherwise have gone to waste! We want the Oxford community to come eat with us, and think about how we can eat for a better Oxford Food Future. Check out this page for more info.


Recipe ideas

“But what is there to eat beyond grass and twigs?”

Glad you asked. Welcome to a world of delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes guaranteed to blow your socks off and leave you wondering if life might not be just about bacon.

How can I plan a week of veggie/vegan food on a budget?

Check out this menu plan, full of varied and tasty vegetarian/vegan food for all preferences. We’ve included estimated prices of the meals per person so you know how much eating veggie might set you back (spoiler: most times, it’s cheaper than eating meat!).

Veggie/vegan week menu

What to eat in Oxfordshire?

Cultivate at Summertown Market

As part of Oxford Green Week, we’ve come up a list of different actions you could take as an individual to be more sustainable. We have a specific section on local and sustainable food on page 2, detailing the retailers and projects in Oxfordshire which offer local and sustainable food options and opportunities. Click here to see the list.

Love Food Hate Waste

Don’t just eat it. Compleat it. Compleating is simple. It’s about eating the whole ingredient or food and letting no edible parts go to waste.

In the UK in 2015 alone, £15 billion of edible food was thrown away from our homes. In total 7.1 million tonnes of food was thrown away, which if prevented, would have the environmental benefit of taking one in four cars off the road.

The good news is that it’s easy to do your bit and make a real difference to the planet and your pocket too. By making a few small changes, like keeping your fridge at the right temperature and using up those delicious leftovers, together we can cut food waste further.

Click this link to go to the Love Food Hate Waste website for some interesting tips on how you can make your food go further and really enjoy it at its best, as well as doing your bit for the environment: https://www.lovefoodhatewaste.com/

Also make sure to check out the Oxford Surplus Food Cafe to find tasty food that would otherwise have gone to waste. Catering for an event? Use Waste2Taste surplus food caterers! They create professional and delicious food from surplus.


Don’t forget to pledge for June 10th – and be part of a historic day!

Pledge Now!