Good Food For Everyone 

Good Food Oxford strives for everyone in Oxford to eat healthily every day, tackling diet-related ill health and the inequality in access to food, education and skills in Oxford.

Our projects

Good Food Oxford offer support, consultancy and publicity to our network members working towards food equity. We also undertake s a variety of research and projects to bring healthy, affordable food to those in need including:


Where to find Good Food
Local Food Supplier Directory
Monday Shop
Oxford Markets Listing
Oxford Foraging Map

Food Equity Resources and Initiatives
Food Access Services Databases
Community Emergency Food Bank
Feeding the Gaps
The Oxford Food Bank
Oxford Food Surplus Cafe

Skills and Training
Health Exercise Nutrition for the Really Young (HENRY)
South Oxfordshire Food and Education Academy (SOFEA)

Finally, it’s not hard to start eating food that is healthier, better for the environment and better for your pocket… here are five good places to start, based on the WWF Livewell Principles:

1. Eat more plants!

1. Eat more plants!

Enjoy lots of delicious, seasonal fruit and vegetables – five or more a day. Affordable, tasty and good for you!
2. Waste less food

2. Waste less food

Incredibly, 1/3 of all food produced is never eaten. Cutting waste saves money and reduces our environmental footprint.
3. Quality not quantity

3. Quality not quantity

Meat and dairy are responsible for a high proportion of emissions. Reduce the amount you eat, and buy from trusted, high animal welfare suppliers.
4. Cook!

4. Cook!

Enjoy cooking and eating food together, using fresh, seasonal ingredients. Start simple – ask around for recipes and share your favourites.
5. Know your food

5. Know your food

Ask where your food comes from and how it was produced, get to know producers at local markets, and choose trusted labels like MSC for fish.