Good Food Oxford currently has two part-time staff members.

Hannah Fenton – GFO Manager

Hannah Jacobs – GFO Network Coordinator

If you’d like to get in touch with us, please email Hannah J.

Here are some words of introduction from our Hannahs:

hannahfentonHannah F enjoys food, sometimes more than three times a day. She recommends making kale and pear smoothies, locally abundant and seasonal at the moment (and good enough for Beyoncé!). She’s Treasurer of East Oxford Farmers’ Market, and is committed to thriving local communities. She takes an asset-based approach, where everyone has something to offer and everyone has something they need. Hannah F has previously worked in conferencing, arts sponsorship and professional development, and event managed the 2015 Oxford Real Farming Conference. She knows something of what it takes to bring good, local food into a commercial catering establishment. She likes bringing people together over food, especially if it would otherwise go in the bin. Food waste be gone! She lives with her partner Rupert who has an apple juice business and a cat called Tawny.

20150327_101628Hannah J co-founded Good Food Oxford in January 2014 and has been coordinating it ever since. She’s passionate about the power food has to create positive environmental and social change.. She most enjoys the nerdy bits of her job, such as policy research, monitoring and snazzy stats, and can frequently be found sneaking into food security lectures. She’s lived in Oxford for a few years, failing to leave after university and instead getting a job with the Low Carbon Hub. When she’s not badgering people about food or renewable energy, she can be found campaigning on far too many other things or playing in too many bands.

And don’t be shy, get in touch to tell us what you’re working on and how you’d like to be involved with Good Food Oxford.